Music Lessons: A Guide to Knowing When to Start

January 22, 2020

When to Start Music Lessons:

So, your child wants to play an instrument but you are not sure if it is time to start private (one-on-one) lessons.

I wish I could say “anytime! any age!” but that wouldn’t be entirely true. There are some things I look for when I have a student take a trial lesson. These are things you can look for as a parent at home before contacting a teacher and I can confidently say that any good teacher will be looking for these things as well. I look at these slightly differently for violin and piano. I teach both instruments and though many of these overlap, I am a bit more willing to take on a younger, less-focused student on piano.

Weddings + Special Events

January 17, 2020

Weddings + Special Events

The Henry Family Musicians 

Since 1994, the Henry Family Musicians have been performing for countless weddings, receptions and events in the Twin Cities area. The original group included four daughters and their parents who all play violin and piano. Each of the girls moved away after graduating high school, but continued to perform while earning degrees in violin performance and other areas. 

Now that the group is reunited, the Henry Family Musicians bring elegance, expertise, and personality to your event. With an extensive repertoire list including classical, pop, sacred, rock and more, we have something for everyone. Special requests can typically be arranged for events as well. Choose from many different instrument combinations including violins, piano, organ and more. We look forward to making your vision a reality. 

For more information on wedding and special event specifics and rates, please contact Brittany at

Violin & Piano Lessons // Information + Policies


Brittany Quinn teaches through her private teaching studio in Circle Pines and the University of Northwestern Academy of Music. If you are interested in your child joining her studio, please contact  her at or fill out the form below.

These policies are given to students when enrolled in the studio. 

Lesson Lengths
30 minute lessons (Suzuki book 1)
45 minute lessons (Suzuki book 2-4)
60 minute lessons (Suzuki books 4 and above)

Changes to a student's lesson length should be at the teacher's discretion.

Studio Policies

The following policies help us to maximize our work together and make my studio run smoothly and efficiently for everyone involved. You have committed to abiding by these policies by booking lessons with me. Please review them carefully before we begin our work together. Thank you!

For each quarter, each student will be allowed 1 cancellation due to an emergency within 24 hours and 1 cancellation outside of the 24 hour notice time frame (including illness). If a student is unable to come to their lesson beyond these 2 cancellations, the student may only reschedule in cancelled time slots or switch with another student before the end of the month. I am more than happy to work with another student to switch lesson times if switching works for both families. 

ANY lesson missed by the instructor will ALWAYS be made up or credited to the student's account.

Lessons without 24 hours notice will NOT be made up or credited to the student's account. However, day-of emergencies (e.g. severe weather, campus closed, etc.) will be handled on a case-by-case basis. For advanced students, FaceTime lessons will be scheduled if weather does not permit the attendance of a lesson. 

When you are not feeling well, please use discretion on whether you should come to a lesson or not. I will happily make up one lesson (see above) because of illness. I have to be vigilant about not getting sick and spreading illness to students, teachers and other performers. 

Payment is made in advance, at the first lesson of each month for the entire month. There is an added late fee of $10 if payment is not received by the 15th of the month. If I am planning to be out of town, I will not include the lesson(s) in your bill. If there is an unexpected cancellation by the teacher, either a make-up lesson will be scheduled or credit will be issued for the next month. If you have any questions regarding your payments, please email or log-in to Music Teachers Helper. Please do not adjust the month’s payment amount before discussing changes with me, as there may be a credit or new materials to add.

Instrument Rental
I highly recommend renting an instrument since the quality will be so much higher than what would be possible purchasing an instrument. 
I recommend Quinn Violins in Minneapolis for the best price and quality.

If you have any further questions, please email Thank you!