Piano Lessons :: Questions Parents Should Ask at the First Lesson

March 4, 2020

If you are planning to sign up for piano lessons for yourself or someone in your family, start here! Knowing which questions to ask the potential teacher will avoid surprises in the future if you decide to participate in their studio. 

Whenever a new family comes to my studio, the questions are usually the same. As a teacher, I try to anticipate all questions and offer the answers to the parent either before we meet or at the first lesson. Since I cannot guarantee every teacher will do that, this list will be a guide for you when you do communicate with a new teacher for the first time. 

Before we get to that...
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Here is your list of questions. Feel free to add to these or take any away that you feel unnecessary as this is a quick guide to get you started. Asking for the teacher's teaching philosophy can be helpful as well. 

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